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Flinn and Steel

Rebuilding Flinn & Steel’s paid advertising campaigns from the ground up

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Who are they?

Diamonds to the left of us, steel rings to the right! As well as Jessica Flinn, we also undertook the paid advertising account for their brother brand, Flinn & Steel, who are recognised for the production of high strength steel rings.

What is the project?

When this account came to us the client needed the right agency to audit, rebuild and grow their advertising accounts while they prepared to build their own in-house team. We were tasked with providing a platform for their team to hit the ground running with, and to set them up for success in the future.

What are we doing?

We helped rebuild Flinn & Steel’s paid advertising campaigns from the ground up. We also trialled and launched new advertising campaigns on some of the more dynamic platforms, such as Spotify.

Audit, Advertising Funnel & Implementation

We audited Flinn & Steel’s existing campaigns before building a robust advertising funnel for the account. In this we also introduced new audiences to Flinn & Steel’s approach, which included an experimental strategy to take the brand beyond some of the more traditional demographics for a jewellery brand.

  • Funnell built on whimsical
  • New audiences
  • New creative
  • New pinterest build
  • New Google structure
  • Sheffield Steel Rings to Flinn and Steel
  • We helped the brand move to a new website as well as ensuring tracking and other elements weren’t impacted
New Channels

We helped Flinn & Steel to launch a new type of campaign using the dynamic and often undervalued Spotify. These particular campaigns ran for a month between May 13 and Jun 13.

These audio-based campaigns targeted two different audiences; aimed at traditional demographics typical for a jewellery brand, such as weddings, relationships and other themes centering around love. We also used the platform to target interest based demographics, focusing on indie, rock and alternative music. The first campaign produced over 13,000 impressions with a frequency of 1.03, whereas the second campaign produced 15,025 impressions and a frequency of 1.04.

Facebook ROAS
Pinterest ROAS
Google ROAS

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