What is Sprout all about?

Not only can Sprout Social help to refine your content strategy, but it just makes life as a marketer or social media specialist that much easier.

Becky MacTaggart
July 14, 2021

(Again, no, this is not an ad - we just love social media tools)!

If you haven’t already heard of Sprout Social, then get to know. It’s one of the most popular organic social media scheduling tools out there and, here at Little Mesters, we think it’s great! Not only can it help to refine your content strategy, but it just makes life as a marketer or social media specialist that much easier. From planning, to optimum time scheduling, to reporting it really is your one-stop social media shop. Just FYI, we are going to hammer home just how good the reporting is.

How do we use it?

Here at Little Mesters we specifically use it to schedule organic social media for all of our clients as well as our internal social too.

Scheduling using this tool is easy, all you have to do is select the account you wish to post from, and press compose. Once in compose select the drop down menu which allows you to select the channel of your choice.

Add your copy.

Add your assets (branded of course).

And you’re good to go!

Why is it useful?

Where do we start? There’s a smart inbox. There is a publishing calendar so you can review what you’ve scheduled. You can tag up important campaigns to review their performance specifically. And best of all - the reporting tools are fantastic.


Now for the good bit.

We all know that every marketer loves analytics. It's proof that what we’ve been working so hard to do for our clients, or even internally, is paying off! You can’t argue with numbers at the end of the day. For each account there is a whole reporting homepage - for ALL your reporting needs for both organic and paid social. From overall profile performance, to cross-network paid performance, to tag reports (as mentioned previously) - you can do it all. Then there is also the option to look at each individual channel’s analytics (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or whatever channels you have linked up to Sprout) so you can go as topline or as in-depth as you like. Some of the reports even include demographic breakdowns, as showcased below:


And to finish

Sprout is just generally one of the best scheduling and reporting tools out there - other options are available!

Over and out.