This is Us: Little Mesters and Sheffield Flourish

We would like to remind everyone that World Mental Health Day isn’t really just for a day and we will continue supporting the Sheffield Community with Sheffield Flourish to hopefully make a difference.

Jodie McDonald
October 10, 2022

In April 2022 (6 months ago now) we launched the partnership between Little Mesters and Sheffield Flourish as part of our Little Leg Up initiative. Sheffield Flourish is a mental health charity rooted in Sheffield and owned by the community, supporting the community to share their stories, get involved in activities, and flourish. In order to help Sheffield Flourish achieve their goals, Little Mesters have been involved in:

Design work - creating templates from scratch for Sheffield Flourish, which includes defining a branded colour palette, creating a signature deconstruction of the Sheffield Flourish logo and consistent branding with logo placement, fonts and inclusion of dotwork to highlight text. We also created a logo for the Sheffield My Toolkit and templates for the Sheffield Mental Health Guide, services associated with Sheffield Flourish.

Content Plans - developing long term projects which includes the pet project which aims to bring the Sheffield community together to celebrate the effect of pets on mental health, the let’s be honest campaign which was inspired by Brendan Stone Sheffield Flourish’s Board Director and highlighting the emergency services button on the Sheffield Flourish website for people struggling with mental health that need immediate aid. 

Digital Sub Group - participating in the Sheffield Flourish monthly Digital Sub Group gives us a chance to understand all of the differing events, projects and services that Sheffield Flourish provides for our community. It also means that we can work closely with Board Members to develop content like the Honesty posts mentioned above.

So what is next for Little Mesters and Sheffield Flourish?

Putting the Sheffield in Sheffield Flourish!

Taking things to the next level, Little Mesters developed a one off campaign spanning several months to promote Sheffield Flourish’s art exhibition ‘This is Me’.

This art exhibition showcases artwork on the theme of ‘This is Me’ exploring mental health. Invitations were sent out to anyone from the Sheffield Community to get involved, flex their creativity and submit an art piece reflecting themselves. 

Sheffield Flourish also invited local artists to submit pieces of their own artwork reflecting the theme and help raise awareness about the event. Artists included: 

We would like to extend a special thank you to these artists for supporting Sheffield Flourish, the Sheffield Community and championing discussions around mental health.

More About the Exhibit!

Where: The Circle

When: It runs from Tuesday 22 November until Sunday 4 December.

If you get the chance to visit, please go ahead and tag Sheffield Flourish in any pictures or videos you take!