How to repurpose content for TikTok

Short-form video marketing has been a huge success and shows no signs of slowing down. If you haven’t already, you need to explore if TikTok can be used for your brand.

Jodie McDonald
July 21, 2022

Other media giants are tiktocking on

We can see that Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are creating their own versions of TikTok: Reels, Timeline and YouTube Shorts. So how to make the most out of your short-form video content for other platforms now incorporating this content style? Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

How to repurpose TikTok content for other social media channels including Instagram
Here is an example of one we have done!

It’s time to get technical
Instagram in particular is cracking down on downloads from TikTok being shared to their Reels and limiting their reach - this is often discernible because of a BIG TikTok watermark all over your nice new video.

Need a hand to get going?
There are two ways to deal with watermarks from TikTok: Paste your link in a third-party tool to download it without the TikTok logo OR create your content outside of the app.

So what kind of third-party tools can you use to download your Tiktok AFTER you have already posted it, to make sure it doesn’t have the watermark on? Well, there are a few you can pick from: SnapTik, SSSTok and TT Downloader. Simply copy your URL and paste it into these third-party apps and ta-da! 

Our favourite way, hands down!

Although there have been some reports of failed attempts to convert videos without a watermark, due to a glitch between TikTok and these apps. 

There is an alternative way to deal with watermarks from TikTok, which eliminates this worry. You’re able to make your video using a different app, current Mester favourites are: Capcut and Splice. These can be exported and uploaded to whichever media channel you’d like.