A Guide to Instagram Stickers: How to Set-Up Instagram Stickers For Your Brand

Tom Scott
March 22, 2022

Instagram Stickers - certainly not new, almost definitely under utilised. They are simple to set up and are fantastic for enhancing:

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to get going. 

A quick caveat here:  we are creating Instagram stickers, not GIFs. If you want GIFs to appear in WhatsApp, Slack etc then you need to create those as GIFs separately. Stickers are uploaded with transparent backgrounds.


In order to get your stickers to show up in Instagram you need a verified Giphy account. To do this, register as a normal user and follow the set up steps, then head here to verify.

A few things to check before you do this:

You can find more tips here.

Once you are ready to upload, you can do this in a batch. Just drag and drop your files in and then all you need to do is tag them with keywords. Here you just need to think about what the user would search for. For example, we also put in brand terms for all stickers.


You will need a minimum of 5 stickers uploaded to show in Instagram so use that as your starting point. What your design looks like is of course up to you, we used this framework to think about who would use the stickers in what scenario. As an example, here is how we would approach a sportswear brand.



Sports Players

Sports Fans

Design tips

We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of views for our clients already, some within the first week. It’s something you can do yourself or something we can do for you, get in touch today to get started with your own Instagram stickers.