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We’re the storytellers 

Every brand has a story to tell and we’re the agency to help you do it. We listen carefully. We explain our thinking. Then we put together a creative team that gets you results. Paid Social and Organic Social experts.

But what on earth is a Mester?

Strong question, a ‘Little Mester’ refers to a master crafter working on a specific part of a production process. That‘s us, but in the digital age. You have social media to do, we assemble the perfect team of Mesters to produce exactly what you need. We are Little Mesters Agency. We work with those who have crafted and honed their skills with time and hard work. We are the Mesters of what we do.

What we do

We are doers, thinkers, makers and planners

Little Mesters help deliver the results you need. We put together the perfect team of strategists, thinkers and digital crafters. Crucially, this means you get the skills your project requires, we don’t choose you “Jacks of all trades” but “Mesters of one”.

Tell us what needs to be done and we will tell you how we would do it. If you like what we say, let’s work together. Simple, as it should be. If it all goes well, there will be lots of work onto do together.

Our team

We work hard. We create great content. We’re little mesters born and bred.

Tom Scott (He/Him)

head mester
I have been involved in marketing since I realised I was never going to be an economist when I dropped out of my first university course in 2009. The maths was not for me! As it happens it's the perfect job for me, I love the fact that what we do can help companies of all shapes and sizes. That's why I started Little Mesters. Hopefully we can help tell your story too.

Charlotte Scott (She/Her)

Mester of operations
I am from a teaching background which means my organisational skills are perfect for this role. I help out with a LOT of ongoing operations, organising meetings, staff handbooks and onboarding are just some of the tasks.  I also get to organise all the socials, so that's fun!

Rebecca Heath (She/Her)

head of content
I’ve worked in digital marketing for 6 years, in multiple industries with a variety of clients. I like working with people who are passionate about their brand, making it super easy to work alongside them to promote what they love! I’m an Instagram enthusiast, a specialist in social media and socialising, and a cookie connoisseur.

Joseph Morris (He/Him)

content & Design Mester
I am from an academic background in communication and journalism, but my passion is in design and copywriting! I am also chiefly responsible for supplying the Little Mesters team with Dad jokes.

Jodie McDonald

Content Mester
It all started in Vietnam! On the other side of the world, I was asked to create content. I fell into digital marketing and I've never looked back since! 3 years later, I've been a freelance content creator for international and UK based businesses, specialising in social media and email marketing. Everyone has a story to tell and I look forward to helping you tell it.

Jessica Ellis

Content Mester

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